Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The question on everyone mind is why do people cheat?? Well people cheat because they are unhappy with the person they say they care about or some people do cause when they do cheat they don't think about until afterwards when they are feeling guilty about doing it. Most people won't tell the person they care about that they cheated because they know it will hurt them. But news flash it doesn't matter if you told them the day after or a year from them it still will hurt them because you deceived the person that you said you cared about so much. Cheating is never good and never will so everyone do me a favor be faithful or don't be with if you know you will hurt them.

Having Love

A lot of people take love for granted but i don't because even though what goes on in this world today I still believe in that fairy tale ending. I believe that the man I love will love me for who I am and my past won't matter. Everyone have a past but my past makes me who I am today. I believe that the man I love will get down on one knee and ask me to be his wife. I don't know when it will happen, but I know when it does happen I will know that he is the man for me. I will finally have my fairy tale ending, and I can finally say I've found love. And now I can know what's it's like to have love.