Monday, April 22, 2013

Who Are Your Real Friends

Some are your so called friends are not your real friends. Your real friends would never try to hurt you any way. They are there to laugh at your jokes and always help you through your hard times.College is a good way to learn who your real friends are because when you first start college you want to be friends with every one but after a while the fake ones will fade away. The ones that are still left and are standing by your side they are your real friends. Don't learn the hard way like I did learn early so you don't make the same mistake. Friends don't talk  about you behind your back and then lie straight in your face I have met one last semester and when her true colors came out I knew that she is someone that you never tell anything because it will get out that you said something when in fact it wasn't you at all but don't worry the person you thought was your friend was never suppose to be your friend. Two girls are alike with telling people secrets they don't even see it but I do I see how they became friends and why the butted heads. But I'm not worried they will realize when they have no friends and all alone.

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