Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is Sex Important In Your Relationship

That's a question that not only woman ask but men. In my opinion waiting to have sex can be the boat in your relationship. The faster you jump in that boat, the faster it will sink. Sex is important its how you get intimate with the person you care about. Being intimate is really important. Now if that man can't wait to have sex when you want to have sex throw him away. He is not right for you. But there are also men who will wait around just to have sex with you and they are assholes and were not meant for you. There are also Christians who are not intimate until marriage and I very well accept that, but its just not for me. But don't worry that man will come for you when you least expect him to. When he come and he will, you will be happy to know that he waited because he wanted to be with you.

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