Friday, May 17, 2013

Sex & Love

Everyone Wants To What's Difference????

Well a lot of people are confused and can't easily tell the difference but if you know how to tell the difference it can be very easy to spot.


Sex can be with a stranger, a friend, or just someone you hook with on the weekend sex is just sex plain and simply. Males and Females sometimes don't understand when it's just sex. If a guy has sex with you and never call it was just sex. If a guy have sex with and rarely talks to you it was just plain on play with but the whole thing is you can get played. Don't get me wrong sex can be intimate it all depends on who the person and how the person feel for that person.


Love is very intimate but it can be mistaken for sex being played when you think its love hurts the most. The person you love can hurt you the most that tell you what you want to hear and there the first one to hurt you.
Having sex when your in love can be amazing it can make you feel like on cloud nine. So don't confuse the too you could get your feelings hurt.

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